Honoring Your Mama Light Instinct



Your Mama Light Instinct is your best guide on what to do with your baby.  Feel free to gather information with an OPEN mind.  LISTEN to your elders and those who have been through it before. Seek knowledge from those you trust.  Receive those "random" offerings of information from strangers and those you don’t know well--they may tell you exactly what you needed to hear. 


At the same time, let go of the idea that you are obligated to incorporate everything you gather into your own life (even the things I share on my page :-)) because you don't have to.  After you gather new insights, I encourage you to sit with them, try them on see how they look and feel on you, decide if they resonate with you. If necessary gather more information to help you further analyze.  As you ponder, check your ego at the door and let your Mama Light, True Self and Inner Compass guide you. Then transfer whatever Golden Nuggets work for you into your Life's Guiding Portfolio.  Then simply discard and leave behind whatever things don’t work for you. 


Remember all the while that you can, at any time, change your mind.  As you experience the Practice of Life, you may discover that something you let go of, you actually need.  Or that something you kept, doesn’t serve you well. When this happens, it's not the end of the world.  In fact it is wonderful because it shows your ability to be flexible and responsive as you gather information and form your Mama Worldview—I’m sure you’ve already noticed how much the world has changed since you became a momJ. It's just the beginning of a new perspective on the path you are creating. With this in mind go forth and Mother, Breastfeed, co-sleep, attachment parent, crib sleep, no-cry sleep, baby lead your solids or puree them…in short do whatever it is your Mama Light Instinct summons you to do.


 Love, Light and Boobie Milk--Ebeth


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