Make More Milk With High Calcium Foods!


Did you know?




Foods that help moms make more milk are known as galactagogues (a food or herb that supports or increases milk supply) or lactogenic (milk making). 



Many of the foods that support milk production are high in calcium.



Right now I can imagine you saying to yourself,



“Great!  I’ll start drinking plenty of milk and eating more yogurt and cheese!"






Before you do that, READ THIS…


  • Dairy is the number one dietary cause of colic symptoms.  In many cases, when dairy is removed, baby’s symptoms improve within 14 days-- the amount of time it typically takes for dairy to clear the body.
  • Calcium is better absorbed when it comes from plant sources, according to Dr Joel Fuhrman and other plant based-nutrition experts.
  • Dairy products can cause cradle cap and eczema to flare up or become more severe






Here are 5 delicious calcium rich foods. 


All calcium data comes from the 2012 USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 25.

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of calcium for breastfeeding moms is 1000mg/day.

One cup of cow milk has about 300mg of calcium.



Blackstrap molasses:

Found in the same place as honey at the grocery, 1 tablespoon contains 20% of the RDA for calcium.  Drizzle it on your morning oatmeal or make a tea by stirring 2 teaspoons into 1 cup of hot water then add a squeeze of lemon.



Collard greens:


This leafy green is a calcium powerhouse. One cooked cup contains 357 milligrams. Saute it with ginger or garlic (or both!).  Finish with a splash of low sodium soy sauce, serve it up over brown rice and you’ve got dinner--or lunch!




Just 4 pieces of this sweet fruit contains 124 milligrams of calcium.  Try slicing them on toast with almond butter or saute them with greens for a sweet and savory treat.



Soybeans (organic):

One cup of boiled soybeans has 261 milligrams of calcium.  Add them to soups and stir-fries or eat them on the go--just throw them into your diaper bag.



Turnip Greens:


One cooked cup of this delightfully peppery green provides 249 milligrams of calcium.  Saute them with onions and vegetable stock and serve them over spelt pasta with a side of roasted mushrooms…YUM!






I’m happy to tell you there are lots of dairy-free milk and cheese products on the market…several of them are even healthful, delicious AND lactogenic.


For milk I like almond, oat, hemp and rice milks because they are all galactagogues.  These milks can be made at home or store-bought. 


Here's a link to my video on how to make homemade hemp milk.



As for cheese, my favorite is a brand called Kite Hill (


Using old world cheese making techniques, Kite Hill turns almonds--which by the way are the most milk making nut (what luck!) -- water, cultures and salt into delicious dairy-free "cheeses" that are amazingly like their cow-milk cousins.


I should know, I've tried them all!



And, I recently discovered they make almond-cheese filled ravioli!  YEAH!!  I haven't tried them yet, but you can bet that I will...soon.



OK, that's all for now. 



I hope this post was helpful.  Thanks for reading through to the end.



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