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I have always struggled to find bras to fit my 34AA boobs, and when I became pregnant in 2011 I knew that it would be a mission trying to find nursing bras. With people constantly telling me that your boobs go up at last 2 cup sizes when you have a baby I was hopeful but not entirely surprised when I barely grew into an A cup by the end of my pregnancy!


I spent a lot of time online, trying to research suppliers that make smaller sized nursing bras and found a fantastic manufacturer that would offer me samples on a wholesale basis. That’s when the idea for Petite Maman started to take shape. I received my first sample bra by airmail from a specialist international manufacturer just days before my due date! Finally, I had found nursing lingerie that was great quality, beautiful and most importantly suited my figure. Road testing began when my baby boy arrived and I was so impressed with the bras that I wanted to make them available to other petite mums!


Breastfeeding itself threw up a lot more challenges, and due to my small size (and excessive blood loss at the birth) I often wondered if I was making enough milk for my increasingly hungry baby. I tried pumping but barely got more than a ½ ounce at a time and didn’t know if this was a good indicator of the amount of milk my son was getting or not! At one point after airing my concerns to a health visitor I was told that ‘I just would’ make enough milk but never felt convinced or supported in how I might increase my milk supply. Eventually I ended up combination feeding and while my little boy now thrives, I am disappointed that I couldn’t breastfeed him for longer. I would have loved to have been more educated by someone like Ebeth to help me feel more empowered and in control of my body!


In my experience, when it comes to breastfeeding there can be enough obstacles to overcome without having an ill-fitting, ghastly nursing bra to contend with as well. I think all mums have a right to feel comfortable and beautiful in a bra that fits well while embarking on the journey of breastfeeding for the first time.


To all the small-busted mamas out there I am pleased to offer these A and B cup bras to help you become the 'Yummy Mummy' you were born to be!



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